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We Admit it.........Networks, Are Our Thing.

NetworkOne is an Information & Communication Technology [ICT] group, that specialize in data and voice networks for businesses.

Data Networks

We work with our customers to implement customize networks that are robust, efficient and practical for your operations.  We build from the ground up to deliver a worry free solution. 

IP Pbx

We provide, install and service robust IP telephony solutions.  Our IP Pbx’s will, reduced operating costs, improve customer experience and increase productivity.  Join our long list of delighted customers.

IT Security

Protecting your computer network from disruption and stolen data by hackers and other bad actors is paramount today.  Let us help you with your IT Security program by strengthening your “Human Firewall”.  

Structured Cabling

We successfully install a complete, easy to manager cable infrastructure.  To accomplish this, all cabling must be installed in a manner consistent with global cabling standards.  

How Do We Protect Your Network?

Email Phishing Protection

Phishing is the #1 attack method of choice among cybercriminals. AutoPhish keeps security top-of-mind with automated, simulated phishing campaigns.

Fortify Human Defenses

92% of data breaches are caused by human error. Annual security training covers the basics while ongoing weekly micro-security training keeps users up-to-date..

Documentation Tracking

With written security policy templates and a policy acknowledgement portal, ensure your employees know the proper procedures while tracking their annual agreements.

Employee Awareness

Monthly security newsletter and personal dark web scanning capabilities allow employees to protect themselves at work and at home.